Economic contribution: 75€.

It includes attendance at the Forum, accommodation and meals from 6/9 evening to 8/9 evening in Torremocha de Jarama (Spain)

international forum

from the bottom

The objetive of this forum is to bring to de forefront the solidarity, nonviolent and self-governed responses that a large number of people and associations are giving to injustice. We want to encourage and promote experiences working from the botton because this is the place where injustice shows it worst face and therefore, also from where to respond to the causes of these injustices. We invite all people who want to walk in this direction to join this essential forum.

Our principles

We want to look at reality from the bottom because we cannot also run the risk of silencing the people who dwell there

We want to thing from the bottom because there lies the source of naked justice, solidarity and fellowship

We want to join the people who work from the bottom because we know it is the best place where to explore possibilities of nonviolent transformation

We want to meet to cointinue exploring new roads, creastive paths that, from the bottom, can lead us to a life commitment