Program: forum from the bottom

Program: forum from the bottom

Friday 6/9

Attendants’ welcoming as of 19’00 h.

Saturday 7/9


9´30 - 10’30: Performance presentation on nonviolence and Jai Jagat March

Moisés Mato. Noviolencia 2018

10´30 - 12’00: TABLE 1. Human trafficking and sexual and reproductive exploitation 

Moderator: Corina Fuks. Liberata


  • Amelia Tiganus. (Spain)
  • Sandra Norak. Sisters (Germany)
  • Jennifer Lahl. Stop Surrogacy Now (pre-recorded) and Emma Contreras. Midwife expert in Wombs for Rent
  • Ingeborg Kraus. Scientists for a world without prostitution (Germany)


12’00 - 12’30: COFFEE BREAK

12´30 - 14´00: TABLE 2. Human trafficking and labor exploitation

Moderator: Magdalena Pérez. DIGNITEX


  • Carolina Elías. SEDOAC-Active Domestic Service- (Spain)
  • Malick Gueye. Sindicato de Manteros de Madrid - Street Vendors’ Union from Madrid-
  • Myriam Barros . Las Kellys -Association of Room Attendants- (Spain)
  • Spytou Mendy. Sindicato Obreros del campo del SAT -SAT Agriculture Workers’ Union- (Spain)


14’00: LUNCH

15´30 - 17’00: TABLE 3. The right to migrate and not to migrate 

Moderator: Elena García. SAIn Party


  • Lamine Bathily. Sindicato de Manteros de Barcelona -Street Vendors’ Union and Cooperative from Barcelona-
  • Lamiae Abassi. Ex-Menas Barcelona -Ex-unaccompanied child migrants from Barcelona-
  • Fatemeh Khavari. Co-founder of UNG i SVERIGE (Sweden) 
  • Hatici Güldü, Rafah Alsaad y Mutea Oubeid. Refugee Women from Turkey and Syria, WOMEN’S PEACE TABLE from Kleines Wiesental (Germany)


17’00 -17’30: COFFEE BREAK

17´30 - 19´30: Three workgroups on the three topics presented.

20’00: DINNER

21´30: Nonviolent Activism Fair & Performances

Sunday 8/9


9´30 - 10’30: TABLE 4. The right to dignified housing

Moderator: Rodrigo del Pozo. SAIn Party


  • Angelines Díaz. PAH -Network of People Affected by Mortgages- (Spain)
  • Grenfell United from London (United Kingdom)


10´30 - 11’30: TABLE 5. Hunger and food waste

Moderator: José Santos. SAIn Party


  • Marta Piqueras. COAG (Coordinator of Associations of Farmers) - Vía Campesina
  • José Esquinas: Former Secretary of FAO’s Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (Spain)


11’30 - 12’00: COFFEE BREAK

12´00 - 13´00: Two workgroups on both topics presented.

14’00: DINNER

15´30 - 18’30: Plenary session and conclusions.

19’00 -20’00: SNACK AND FAREWELL