Let’s unite struggles!

Let’s unite struggles!

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Coca Cola is a Multinational Company that represents the capitalist development model Jai Jagat wants to change.

The company is stealing water resources from impoverished communities, like India, in Asia.
There are organizations linked to Ekta Parishad that have been fighting against their land and water grabbing and have even achieved some victories.

Other companies, such as Pepsi, have also been denounced for water grabbing.
Likewise, in Spain, workers of Fuenlabrada (Madrid) Coca Cola factory, who have been fighting against injustices committed by the company here, have also accomplished some of their objectives. However, it has been just a half-victory and the nonviolent fight goes on because de company is still harassing its workers.
In addition, Coca Cola has been largely boycotted because of trade unionists’ harassment in Ibero-America.
Finally, Coca Cola represents the consumerist model (publicity, “happiness” proposal…) and is a bad soft drink for health (excess of sugar, etc)


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